Arte, design, antiquariato e oggetti da collezione: inizia qui la tua ricerca


Established 30 years ago, Eppli is a german family-run auction house specializing in jewellery, watches, coins and gold. Eppli has a big interest for and expertise in jewellery of all kinds. Eppli provides an online auction service, making it easy for customers to participate no matter where in the world they might be. Eppli has a team of experts among their employees that include art historians, geologists, experts in jewellery, and more. Even though Eppli has an area of specialization, they also sell art, sculptures, vintage fashion, and much more at their auctions.

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Una serata al Moulin Rouge

Una collezione privata di oggetti appartenuti a Dorothea “Miss Doris” Haug andranno all’asta in Germania.