Arte, design, antiquariato e oggetti da collezione: inizia qui la tua ricerca


AGUTTES is a French auction house with four different locations: Neuilly, Drouot, Lyon-Brotteaux and Deauville. With its 190 annual sales in all fields, AGUTTES is in the top 5 of the best French auction houses. This company is one of the major players at Drouot in Paris.

All specialties are auctioned regularly at AGUTTES: Jewellery, Books, Furniture, Tribal Art, Ancient and Modern Paintings, Asian Art, Vintage Art, Wines, Silverware, Coins and many others.

AGUTTES differs from the other auction houses by its family spirit and the tight relationship that the team maintains on a daily basis with its customers. The auctioneer Claude Aguttes and his colleagues are available to appraise, with the assistance of the best experts, all art objects that you would like to sell. Each object is appraised by a specialist, then included in a dedicated catalog and distributed to potential buyers worldwide through effective communication.

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La settimana delle collezioni Aristophil

Dal 16 al 20 giugno le case d'aste Aguttes, Artcurial, Drouot Estimations e Ader-Nordmann esiteranno le collezioni Aristophil. All’asta, tra gli altri, delle lettere di Gauguin, un partito di Mozart e un'edizione limitata de "I diavoli in amore" di Apollinaire.