Van Sabben Auctions

Van Sabben Poster Auctions has been active in the Netherlands since 1991. Founded by Mr. Piet van Sabben, they are one of a small number of auction houses specialising exclusively in posters and poster art.

Van Sabben conducts their poster auctions twice a year, and typically focus on Dutch and international posters, with the occasional inclusion of books, advertising ephemera, and other items related to the history of poster design. They publish a fully-illustrated catalogue for each auction, and take pride in the quality of their research for these publications; numerous national and international museums and libraries have acquired Van Sabben catalogues for use as reference works.

In addition to their auctions, Van Sabben also offer a range of services to collectors of posters, including assisting in the acquisition of specific works, poster restoration, valuations, and an advisory service for those who wish to start or expand a collection.

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