Witherell's Antiques

Witherell's is a family owned antiques dealer founded in 2006. They have offices in Sacramento, California and Salt Lake City, Utah. Their industry experience extends far back in time and has passed from father to son, Brad Witherell to Brian Witherell, who now runs the business Witherell's Antiques.

Witherell's Antiques specializes in, among other things, American weapons, furniture and local arts and crafts, mainly from the western United States. The business has one of the region's premier rumors in their field. They are a part of IGavelAuctions and thus has a lot of online auctions. But they also offer their customers private sales.

Both Brad and Brian Witherell, with their many years of experience, are frequent guests in the PBS series Antiques Roadshow, as appraisers.

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