Daniel Cooney Fine Art

Daniel Cooney Fine art is an art gallery that represents contemporary art specialized in photographs. The gallery was founded in 2003. By then, the gallery was located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, but since 2004 they have been located in Chelsea, Manhattan.

Their aim is to make exceptional art more available for the collecting audience. Daniel Cooney fine art is also dedicated to show the best of the not-yet-recognized but still exquisite photography-art.

Daniel Cooney Fine art is also represented through the iGavelAuctions.com where they hold monthly auctions with fantastic materials to represent new artists.

Daniel Cooney himself has many years in the art industry. A Bachelor of Fine art from the State University of New York and a master of Fine art from the University of Illinois stands for a tad of his years of experiences. He’s also worked in galleries such as James Danziger Gallery and as an Associate Director for Julie Saul Gallery. Before the founding of Daniel Cooney Fine art, he also worked as head of online photography at Sotheby’s.

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