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FR brings together passionate amateurs and collectors of fine wine on an international scale. Cavacave is at the crossroads of passion for wine and wine investment, thus cavacave provides the service of online brokered auctions to gather sellers and buyers from all over the entire world around bottles of rare and fine wine. The range of services include constituting wine and spirits investment portfolios, and tasting events exclusively directed at people who are aware and eager to appreciate beautiful and fine things.

Cavacave's teams present a great flexibility to satisfy all the demands of its customers whether they are buyers or sellers but above all wine enthusiasts. Cavacave, operated by Wine Project S.A.S. is a digital French based company founded in 2013.

The advantages of Cavacave:

- Short catalogs for a better enlightening of each lot
- Auctions that last 5 to 7 days
- A fast and flexible sales and purchasing process
- An autonomy of the vendors in the submission of their lots
- Free estimate of the lots based on the photos provided by vendors
- The bottles are transported to from their original cellar after the actual sale for limiting their movements
- A totally secure transaction (Mangopay)
- International shipments
- A commission rate of 9%
- A service at your service on +33 (0) 899 180 144

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