Wilkinson's Auctioneers

Wilkinson's Auctioneers are a close knit, family style business with over 50 years in the antiques and auctioneering industry, specializing in period oak and early antiquities. Wilkinson's has a wealth of experience when dealing with the procurement and treatment of early pieces, and have recently become a leading seller of 16th Century Pewter, as well as oak furniture, Pewter, and early antiquities. Wilkinson's also sell fine art, carvings, tapestries and a variety of other items. The auction house has developed relationships with a wide range of international customers including art historians, dealers, private collectors and well known international preservation societies and have used these relationships to ensure that only interesting and impressive pieces are brought to their salesroom to be sold. The staff at Wilkinson's always do their very best to meet the customer's needs, whether the customer is looking for a particular item, going through a bereavement or legal issue or require a valuation for insurance purposes. Wilkinson's aim to provide a warm and flexible response to a customer’s needs whatever they may be. Wilkinson's are situated in South Yorkshire and are able to collect across the UK and Europe and arrange delivery worldwide.

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