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Medieval Heraldic Seal with Cancelled Legend
A cast discoid seal matrix with reinforcing strap and loop to the reverse; the design a heater shield with rampant lion motif, surrounded by radiating strokes where the legend has been removed. 8.85 grams, 24 mm (1"). Fine condition. Timeline Auctions
Roman Gold Ring with Banded Agate
Roman Gold Ring with Banded Agate Timeline Auctions
Western Asiatic Sassanian Ring with Horseman
A keeled D-shaped hoop with scaphoid plaque, intaglio design of a galloping horseman with spear; supplied with a museum-quality impression. 3.81 grams, 25mm overall, 21.46mm internal diameter (approximate size British X 1/2, USA 11 3/4, Europe 27.01, Japan 26) (1"). Fine condition. Timeline Auctions
Post Medieval Silver Seal Finger Ring
Circa 16th century. A cast silver finger ring formed as a D-section hoop expanding to rounded shoulders each with a reserved oval panel; the bezel a rectangular plate with billetted border enclosing an engraved lion passant with chevron and star above; probably of German manufacture. Silver, 6.30 grams, 23 mm overall (approximate size British P 1/2, USA 7 3/4, Europe 16.55, Japan 16). Very fine condition, complete and wearable. Timeline Auctions
Roman Silver Cabochon Ring
A finger ring with D-section hoop expanding to a flat bezel with elliptical garnet cabochon insert. 6.16 grams, 22 mm, 14 mm internal diameter (approximate size British F 1/2, USA 3 1/4, Europe 5.25, Japan 5) (1"). Fine condition. [No Reserve] Timeline Auctions
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